2020-12-30 Nuremberg ➡️ Frankfurt am Main

2020-12-30 Nuremberg ➡️ Frankfurt am Main,  230.67 km. Usually I visit my brother in Frankfurt am Main around Christmas. This year I had the idea to ride to Frankfurt by bicycle. Originally I wanted to ride in two or three days. Because of the virus related restrictions, all hotels were closed since the beginning of … Continue reading 2020-12-30 Nuremberg ➡️ Frankfurt am Main

2020-11-14 Nuremberg ➡️ Altmühlsee

2020-11-14 Nuremberg ➡️ Altmühlsee, 83.79 km Another ride starting from home during the "lockdown light" because of the corona virus. I rode through the Westpark and the Hainberg to Oberasbach and then along the Biberttal bicycle path to Ammerndorf. Artwork at the "Art & Nature path Ammerndorf" In Ammerndorf I saw a nice sculpture by … Continue reading 2020-11-14 Nuremberg ➡️ Altmühlsee

2020-11-15 Altmühlsee ➡️ Kinding

2020-11-15 Altmühlsee ➡️ Kinding, 116.40 km. I slept on the bench under this roof at the Altmühlsee lake. The shelter on the “Hirteninsel” peninsula in the Altmühlsee had really been a nice place to sleep. After sunrise it was still quiet, nobody came and I took my time cooking breakfast. The Altmühlsee is an artificial … Continue reading 2020-11-15 Altmühlsee ➡️ Kinding

2020-11-07 Nuremberg ➡️ Monte Kaolino

2020-11-07 Nuremberg ➡️ Monte Kaolino, 99.06 km. Due to a second wave of corona virus infections, Germany had announced a "lockdown light" for November. Private travel for fun was discouraged and I wasn't sure whether I could use a train to go to the Alps with my folding bicycle and camping luggage which would make … Continue reading 2020-11-07 Nuremberg ➡️ Monte Kaolino

2019-03 Sicilia bicycle trip

2019-03-10 Messina Centrale ➡️ Colle San Rizzo, 3.95 km (actually longer only partly tracked). 2019-03-11 Colle San Rizzo ➡️ Milazzo ➡️ Marinello, 78.76 km. 2019-03-12 Marinello ➡️ Torrenova (Agricampeggio Alessandra), 56.74 km. 2019-03-13 Torrenova (Agricampeggio Alessandra) ➡️ Cefalù, 80.72 km. 2019-03-14 Cefalù ➡️ Sferracavallo, 91.73 km. 2019-03-15 Sferracavallo ➡️ Scopello, 75.21 km. 2019-03-16 Scopello ➡️ Cortigliolo (Camping … Continue reading 2019-03 Sicilia bicycle trip

2020-03-28 Creglingen ➡️ Obernzenn

Creglingen ➡️ Obernzenn, 54.72 km. Archshofen From my camp site near Creglingen, I continued along Tauber Valley Cycleway towards Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The weather was fantastic, sunny and warm and less headwind than during the last days. Fuchsmühle, Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The city centre of Rothenburg ob der Tauber can be seen in … Continue reading 2020-03-28 Creglingen ➡️ Obernzenn

2020-03-27 Jagsthausen ➡️ Creglingen

Jagsthausen ➡️ Creglingen, 77.11 km. Götzenburg in Berlichingen The next village I reached was Berlichingen where the noble family of the same name had their original small castle. The castle is privately owned today. It looks more like a farmhouse than a castle. There are two murals of Götz von Berlichingen. Schöntal Abbey Next I … Continue reading 2020-03-27 Jagsthausen ➡️ Creglingen